Patsy Cook



The Spice for Life



The Spice for Life

Her Babies call her "Mama"

Her Grand Babies call her "Awma"

The Spice for Life

Patsy Cook



The Spice for Life



The Spice for Life

Her Babies call her "Mama"

Her Grand Babies call her "Awma"

The Spice for Life

The Spice for Life

This website is a celebration of love in honor of Patsy Cook, well-known as the "Spice Lady" of  the airwaves.  This site includes several of her television & radio shorts as well as many more stories, recipes and pictures. It's all her words.  This is her legacy, lovingly put together by her family

What we've collected...
We've collected over 30 of her TV shorts as well as many more video clips from her family.

Before Patsy became known on telelvision, she was on the airwaves.  Listen to some of her stories here.

We've published her stories as well for your inspiration.

As she would say... “Slap yo’ grandma good! 
But don’t try it...”

A Prayer of Blessing

Dear Heavenly Father,

We are asking your blessing upon each person that visits this website that they may be filled with the knowledge of Your will and clear direction in their lives. We pray they will have great wisdom and understanding in all of their lifestyle choices and especially in spiritual things so they will live the kind of lives that honor You in every way. We pray they will produce fruit in every good work and grow in their knowledge of You. We pray you will strengthen them with your great power, so they can do all things that you call them to do and that they might be a Godly influence on all those who know them. We pray they will endure all things with patience that they will not give up when trouble comes. We pray they will experience much joy as they give thanks for your promise to provide all of their needs and especially for eternal life with You in heaven.
In Jesus Name we pray, Amen
Colossians 1:9-12
As of 2020:
4 children, 17 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren and 5 great great grandchildren.
Radio and television commercials, hosting, writing own radio program, “Spice for Life” on the JOY FM Sundays with Andy Haynes.
Enjoys tennis, public speaking and interacting with people.
2006 Listed in the Manchester Who’s Who Edition of Business & Professional Women
Narrator for the Visitor’s and Parks History of Dudley Farms and Alachua County
2007 Edition of Gainesville Today Magazine chosen one of six women who make a difference in the community
Patsy was Minister of Family Services and Family Counselor at The Family Church for the past 10 years, now “semi-retired.”
Other Achievements
WDWD Radio one hour weekly program Variety Time / Dawson GA
State Tennis Championship
Chairman Senator Sam Nunn Senatorial Campaign (all campaigns)
Appointed on Governor’s staff & State Democratic Executive Committee
C0-Chair/w husband Jimmy Carter Presidential Campaign (So.GA)
First woman appointed on the Governmental Affairs Committee Albany Chamber of Commerce
Crowned Mrs. Georgia in the Beauties of America Pagaent
Crowned Mrs. Congeniality - Mrs. Southwest Georgia pageant
TV, Radio and Clips
Spice Stories
November 1, 2020 Loose Change

Isn’t it amazing how the value of the dollar has changed over the years? If you don’t believe it, think…

Buddy Patsy Cook
October 25, 2020 Fix-it Time

I think I made a mistake by mentioning to my husband that there were several items that needed to be…

October 18, 2020 Thing-a-ma-jig

Don’t you just love days when you’re in a hurry to get to work? You rush out of the house…

Patsy Buddy Cook
October 11, 2020 Just For Moms

God put it on my heart this morning to pray for moms with young children. He knows there are times…

October 4, 2020 Just Trying to Get Home

Many years ago when we lived in Georgia, God gave me a love for homeless people, and it became a…

Homer Lee Wasden
September 27, 2020 Who is Homer Lee

Many years ago, my husband had a first cousin by the name of “Buster” Wasden. Buster was just starting first…

September 13, 2020 Jessie, let go!

I know most of you have good memories of your grandparents, and I’ve spoken to you about one of my…

John and Wendy Cook
September 6, 2020 Not My Baby Boy

I have to truthfully say I am totally indebted to computers and online talking. I grew up with radio as…

womens ministry
August 30, 2020 Saturday Night Lights

When I was Minister of Family Services at our church, I would oversee several different areas of ministry. One of…

Hilly Bean
August 23, 2020 Hilly & God’s Rain

We all agree that on most days, kids are a blessing from God but wait until you have grandkids! That’s…

Grandma Delia
August 16, 2020 Grandma Delia

Grandmas love to brag about their grandchildren, but this is one grandchild that would like to brag about her grandma….

Polka Pants
August 9, 2020 Polka Dotted Pants

Don’t you just love to go shopping when the sales are on and all the racks of clothes are 50…

August 2, 2020 Aunt Clara Mae

Most all of us have a family member that is “special” to us, one that we can relate to easier…

Cook Children
July 26, 2020 A Georgia Revival

You know, I applaud all parents who are dedicated to seeing to it that their family attends church on a regular basis. They…

July 19, 2020 Possum Pot Roast

We love to recall some of the funny moments when our children were growing up and believe me, there are…

Coca Cola
July 12, 2020 Just Another Number

Do you feel like you’re just another number in a sea of people with no names? Besides your social security…

Mrs Georgia
July 5, 2020 The Mrs. Georgia Story

I had never set out to be, or even thought of being, a “Miss” or a “Mrs. Georgia.” I’d never…

Buddy in Car
June 28, 2020 Love of my Life

I was really in a reminiscent mood the other day as I was looking at my old dating pictures and…

June 21, 2020 My Dog Snooks

When I was nine years old, I had a dog named Snooks. Now, she didn’t look like much, but she…

Little Patsy Cook
June 14, 2020 Little White Elephant

I was reading the paper and learned another famous person had made the news with a not-so -good report. Seems…

Patsy Cook
June 7, 2020 A Word from the Author

“Hi, I’m Patsy Cook with another Spice for Life.”  These words have accompanied many, many stories on two local radio…

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Patsy is presently living in Panama City Beach, Florida.  She isn't able to visit anyone, but it really makes her heart smile when she hears from people like you.  Especially if any of her words or messages ministered or helped you in any way.

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